GEM Reports

Gem reports are our flagship product in fundamental analysis. Our experienced research team looks daily for the hottest blockchain projects. Whenever we find such a project, we create a detailed micro and macro analysis and arrive at a final rating.

The aim of the fundamental analysis is to find projects that will be successful in the long term and bring the investors corresponding profits. But, it must be said that despite the best analysis, certain aspects (such as internal conflicts, mismanagement of funds) can not be analyzed. It always makes sense to have a diversified portfolio. Unlike traditional assets, be crypto projects have no historical data (for example revenue / profit of recent years), so the risk is significantly higher compared to traditional assets such as stocks. On the other hand the rewards of being invested in an early stage in those projects can be extremely profitable.

Gem reports are available for Platinum members through the DASHBOARD. Once a new report comes out you will get notified on telegram so that you will never miss a single analysis. The following criteria are being rated:

  • Impact (on the target industry)

  • Team and Advisors

  • Product

  • Token Economy

  • Branding

  • Community Building

  • Communication and Transparency

  • Progress to date

  • Partnerships and VC Funding

  • Use of Funds

  • Competition

  • Bitcoin Market Cycle

  • Target audience

  • Hype and Community

Gem Reports in the Dashboard

The ‘Gem Report’ section of the dashboard under Trading Bots in the member area features the monthly overview of the well-researched and thoroughly analyzed projects that the 4C-Trading team have found subject to long-term investments. Here, you will find such information as the full Fundamental Analysis (both in micro and macro scale), latest developments around the project, and overall projection or the future. The report can also apply to various ICOs/STOs in seed investment/Accredited Investor stages, the risk-return raking reports for the different coins as well as a breakdown of the market trends to watch out for. Mind you, the report does not provide specific entry/target points of a project as they are long-term projects.