How to manage your personal trades?

First, type /start and enter in the Trading Bot.

1 - You can open a New Trade on any pair available on Bitmex and use our Bot. A Wizard will assist you and Bot will trade your signal.

You have ability to put trades in Queue. This feature will be useful to put conditional orders when you want open a trade at a specific range price, not actually reached. You can place multiple trades in Queue, and Trades will be executed when Range price are reached.

2 - You have a panel “Queue” to list all trades in Queue and cancel them if necessary. This “Queue” feature will be very appreciated for Swing trades.

IMPORTANT INFORMATIONS ABOUT QUEUE There is no limit of time. Trade will stay in the queue as long as Range price is not reached. So you have to manage your personal Trade and cancel it if necessary. Bot will never take action to cancel a trade in queue.

3 - You can edit trade targets (T1, T2, T3) and Bot will update orders on Bitmex exchange directly. You can edit Stop fixed or Trailing and Bot will update it on Bitmex exchange directly.