How to configure the Smart Bot?

STEP 1 : Start

  • Press Start

  • Choose SMART Bot

STEP 2 : Click on the pair BTC/USDT

STEP 3: Click on ‘Configure’

STEP 4: Set up the new API

We advise to use the Smart BTC bot on another Binance account in order to avoid any interferences between the different available amount. Then, you can define a second API, for your second account. To do this, go to "Smart Trade" and then "API Keys". Then, enter the requested information.

STEP 5: Define the amount

It is critical to create another Binance account to let the bot trade on it. DO NOT USE THE SAME BINANCE ACCOUNT FOR THE 4C SIGNALS

The bot will trade 100% of the available amount on your account. In other words, when it will buy BTC's, it will take all the available USDT, and while it's selling in USDT, it will sell all the available BTC.