Trading Bot Process

A. You must verify that you are not already trading the paire of the signal. If that's the case, you won't be able to get into the signal. Bot will check opened orders and position on your Bitmex account.

B. When a signal is received, Bot get the entry price and calculate a buy range (specific to each Bitmex pair). First, you always need to use « Entry limit » button. If Bot reply to you that volume is not enough, you will be able to « Retry Market ».

C. If price is not in the buy range, Bot will deny to open position and will retry automatically while 5 minutes as long as the price has not reached T1 or Stop-loss yet.

D. Take-profits are configured by default : 100% at T1. Users have the possibility to change those % in menu Configuration -> Sell on targets.

E. About Fees, you will always pay taker fees at the entry. If you configure Take profit in limit mode, you will be a maker and get rebate on each take profit.

F. The Stop Loss is set as a market Limit order. If the price is trigered, BitMEX will sell the position, no matter what. The price could therefor be bellow the Stop-Loss if the liquidity is too low. This will depend on BitMEX, not the bot.

G. Bot will send Telegram notification when trade is finished and only at this moment.

H. With Auto-Trading feature, you can allow Bot to automatically trade all signals for you. Bot will place an Entry Limit order. To activate Auto-Trading feature, go to menu Configuration -> Auto-Trading.

I. About Trade Quantity - You have to determine your Position Size when Bot will take a trade. (menu Configuration -> Risk ). You are able to set the maximum risk per trade (up to 10%). Then, Quantity will be calculated according Distance to Stop. See the next slide to understand Money Management used by the Bot.

J. About Volume and Liquidity - When a signal is sent, Bot check liquidity available in orderbook and will Limit each user if necessary, with his position to allow everyone to enter in the trade. (especially useful with Altcoins). End-user will see “Quantity requested” and “Quantity maximum” fields in signal.

K. How orders are configured on Bitmex ? - Entry order is always placed Limit with ImmediateOrCancel to avoid partial orders. Remember that you’ll always pay Taker fees to guarantee immediate entry on Bitmex. For Take Profit orders, Bot place orders “Limit with Reduce-Only” for each target. For Stop order, Bot use a Stop Market with CloseOnTrigger.